TV Policy

The Wilkinson Center Terrace has a large plasma screen TV which was a gift from the class of 2004. This TV is maintained by the Student Leadership Office Support Staff. It is ideal for media advertisements and can be used by anyone within Campus Life and other campus departments.


  1. All advertisements must be approved through Val Shewfelt (WSC 3400)
  2. Advertisements will be played on the hour throughout the day.
  3. Advertisements should be tasteful and of a high quality.
  4. Approved advertisement should be on a well-marked DVD and given to the Front Desk 24 hours before the advertisement is scheduled to run.
  5. DVDs should be picked up no later than 2 days after the advertisement is no longer scheduled to run.
  6. For questions or concerns please contact the Student Leadership Office Front Desk (WSC 3400, 422-3901).