About Us


About Us

The mission of the Student Activities Board is to plan fun, wholesome activities that:

•        Promote unity
•        Provide students an opportunity to develop and display their talents
•        Encourage participation from the entire student body

We believe that these activities should be based on the 13th Article of Faith, more specifically the admonition of Paul:

“If there is anything virtuouslovely, or of good report or praiseworthy, we seek after these things.”

We hope that these activities will help students make true friends, learn new things, and grow in exciting ways.

The Student Activities Board was formed in 2004 to plan smaller activities on weeknights to give students a fun, free activity to enjoy midweek. We have activities usually every Wednesday night in the Varsity Theatre, Wilk Terrace, Lee Lane, or Brigham Square (during the summer). Our activities range from perfomances and music such as Acoustic Explosion and BYU's Got Talent to games such as Mini Golf, Billiards Tourney, Trike Racing, and Ping Pong Tournaments. Other recent activities we have done include: Acapallooza, Harry Potter Fest, Brigham's Yard Sale, BYU Goes Broadway, Grand Pianos Live, Wiffleball Homerun Derby, and tons more.

If you'd like to get involved, call 422-3122 or e-mail studentactivitiesboard@byu.edu.  The Student Activities Board is located in 3400 of the Wilkinson Student Center.


Cordell Cox
Program Coordinator

Hannay Lutz
Program Coordinator

Samantha Coffey
Program Coordinator