Banner Frames

These banner frames are maintained by the Student Leadership Office Support Staff and are located throughout campus. The locations are specially chosen as high traffic areas and are very effective means of advertising. All permanent banner frames are scheduled and maintained through the Front Desk in the Student Leadership Office in 3400 WSC. The banners are scheduled on a first-come, first-served basis. Prepare well and schedule frames several weeks, if not months, in advance. The banner frames are meant to advertise events for BYUSA, Campus Life Events, Devotionals/Forums, Homecoming, and Special Campus Events.


  1. Typically only one side of a banner frame can be used for the same event.
  2. Sponsoring campus organizations should be clearly identified on banners.
  3. All placement and removal of banners are done by the Student Leadership Support Staff.
  4. Banners must be given to the Student Leadership front desk at least 48 hours before the scheduled day of placement.
  5. A banner should be up for at least 3 days but no longer than 2 weeks.
  6. Banners should be down for at least 2 weeks before being hung again for recurring events.
  7. Panels that remain empty on the second day of reservation may be reassigned to other requestors.
  8. The university does not assume any responsibility for damaged or stolen banners.
  9. All banners must be 66″ x 28″.
  10. Banners should be of good quality in appearance and durability.